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Ball Valves

Designed for long-term use, ball valves are durable, high performing and reliable. These are great for control and shutoff applications. The valves ensure safe operation in tough services, covering a variety of fluids. They show corrosion-resistant materials, proven designs and innovative engineering. Also, we keep up with global design & performance standards.

Globe Valves

Our engineered globe valves help maintain a safe work environment & extended service life. They give reliable performance in many industrial environments. Perfect for flow control in a pipeline, the valves are excellent in flow passages and transitions. They have outstanding shutoff and throttling capabilities. Their applications comprise: cooling water systems, feed-water systems, boiler vents & drains, and turbine seals etc.

Gate Valves

Ideal for flow control, gate valves are applicable in fluid handing systems. These valves are suitable for high-temperature & high-pressure environments. Fully opened / closed, they have many applications in oil & gas industry, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, marine and automotive. They are excellent in flow, control, use and longevity.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are widely utilized in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. These valves regulate / isolate the flow of fluids. Also, they are generally-replaced valves in several industries. The butterfly valves are known for ease of installation and lower cost. Designed for versatility and dependable performance, they are perfect for on-off and precision throttling applications. 

Flush Bottom Valve

A special-purpose valve, flush bottom valve is used in piping, vessels and reactors etc. It effectively drain out slurry, abrasive or viscous materials. The valve is popular in pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. We keep up with unique design, strong construction and proven performance of flush bottom valves. There is a variety of materials, sizes and types as well.

Sight Glass (Sight Flow Indicator)

Sight flow indicators assist you inspect process fluids. These are general visual flow rate indicators. Also, they are engineered for economy, easy replacing and utility. Designed to meet industrial requirements, they are excellent in fluid pressure and temperature. These sight glasses feature durable construction, easy maintenance and highest manufacturing standard.

Cryogenic Valve

Our cryogenic valves are available in differing sizes, materials and types. These are primarily used in applications with really cold gases, or other mediums. The valves are specially designed for safe & efficient service. Also, they are excellent in pressure rating and connections. They help in production, transport & store of liquid gases etc.

Pinch Valve

Pinch valves offer cost-effective solutions to flow control jobs. They are reliable, economical and innovative valves. These are perfect shut off valves, ideal for powders, granulates and liquids etc. With design and construction benefits, they are utilized for numerous industrial applications. Also, we maintain excellent manufacture and industry standards for the pinch valves.

Industrial Valve

We offer industrial valves for myriad applications and industries. They are designed for safe operation, extended service life and environmental protection. Also, our valves are engineered to meet required safety and performance standards. They are perfect for todays toughest industrial needs. There are outstanding precision control, fail-safe shut off, optimized flow, and more.

Wafer Valve

Buy from us premium-quality solenoid-actuated Wafer Valve units that are commonly used in low to medium-pressure flow systems to adjust the fluid flowing rate to ensure safe and controlled functioning. They are made up of top-grade steel that makes them suitable for corrosive as well as non-corrosive systems.

Industrial Strainer

We design, engineer & offer industrial strainers for a range of applications. These are engineered to suit your process applications. They can be custom-made to accommodate a particular system. Also, they are suited for maintenance work as well as new projects. These devices are applicable in chemical, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, and industry.

Basket Type Strainers

Basket Type Strainers are industrial-grade flow line filters that are fixed with a robust mesh screen to remove the unwanted solid impurities present within the flow lines to prevent damages to the installations such as valves, pumps, and traps.